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DDMA EMAS: Celebrating Happy Horizon’s brilliance in the Battle of the Agencies

Jun 22, 2023

The DDMA Email Marketing Automation Summit always brings together the crème de la crème of the industry — the minds and companies that make marketing automation sing. And this year, Deployteq had the distinct honour of witnessing the jaw-dropping achievements of its partners in the highly anticipated Battle of the Agencies competition. We’re talking about Happy Horizon and Bureau Strak —powerhouses that went head-to-head, creating mind-blowing campaigns for none other than Deployteq customer Amnesty International. So let’s toast these extraordinary agencies and their awe-inspiring campaigns that truly stole the show.

Happy Horizon: Championing creativity and making an impact

Let the confetti rain because Happy Horizon, emerged as the undisputed champion in the Battle of the Agencies! Their campaign? Oh, it was a masterpiece — a surprising approach which aligned with all of Amnesty International’s focus themes, rather than pinpointing one in particular. Happy Horizon soared above the competition using a text-version design inspired by typical B2B acquisition emails. The campaign included many persuasive techniques, high levels of personalisation and clear English variations. Their use of urgency, social proof and real-person senders created a sense of impact. Let’s give them the standing ovation they deserve.

Bureau Strak: Runner-up, but brimming with excellence

In the Battle of the Agencies, there’s no room for mediocrity. And that’s why Bureau Strak snagged an impressive runner-up position. Their case was a crystal-clear demonstration of their deep understanding of Amnesty International’s values and an ability to communicate the organisation’s message. Bureau Strak focused on women’s rights and showcased innovative use of persuasive techniques in both copy as well as design. For example, they used “watching eye” tactics, nudges to influence reader direction, first-person pronouns, and confronting current issues as well as success stories in their campaign. 

Design & Personalisation Awards

In addition to the Battle of the Agencies, we also want to shine a spotlight on some other exceptional companies who have excelled in the Design and Personalisation categories at the DDMA Email Marketing Automation Summit. These awards recognise the outstanding efforts of companies in creating visually stunning and highly personalised email campaigns. For the Design Award, congratulations to 100%EMAIL and T-Mobile on their gamification email. And also to Thermen Resorts for the incredible hyper-personalisation behind their campaign in the Personalisation Award. These accolades are so well deserved by you all. Congratulations all!

Jisk wins Young Talent

And the celebration continues as we proudly announce the recipient of the Young Talent Award at the DDMA Email Marketing Automation Summit: With immense pleasure, we congratulate Jisk Flikweert from De Badenman, a valued customer and Deployteq’s nomination on this incredible achievement!

Celebrating the power of collaboration and innovation

At Deployteq, we’re all about collaboration and innovation — bringing together brilliant minds and empowering them to create magic. The success of our partners in the Battle of the Agencies and our customers in other awards throughout the DDMA EMAS is a shining example of the collective brilliance within our network. We believe in fostering a community where ideas flourish, creativity thrives, and jaw-dropping campaigns become the norm. We’re so proud to raise a glass with you all!


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