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Deployteq Data

Own your data 

Create a 360-degree customer view with Deployteq Data. Trigger hyper-personalised campaigns via the right channel, perfectly timed. With a single source of truth, you’ll be in control of all your data.

What can Deployteq Data do for you?

Always-on lead generator

Increase your email base by more than 40% by recognizing the visitor on your website and showing them a personalised subscription option to your newsletter.


Find look-a-like users
and upsell

Our data platform automatically generates audiences with the built-in Audience Builder for finding and targeting lookalikes on Facebook or targeting audiences on the website or in email.


The best recommendations
for your customers

Make the best recommendations for your customers based on automatically collected and enriched data about search and buying behaviour, product and price information and other preferences you can set yourself in the recommendation engine.


Automatic triggers

Automatically classify your visitors based on purchase intent. Respond to the combination of purchase intent with viewed products by targeting the right group, via the right channel, with the right message. In addition, gain insight into the customer lifecycle  segment in which your customers are located, such as loyal, promising, risk and dormant customers, to trigger retention or reactivation campaigns at the right time.

Optimise your data strategy

Our team of data experts can help you merge, analyse, and convert your data into valuable insights. Together we draw up a strategic roadmap and action plan to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns.

Carijn Meijer - Nollet, Data Consultant

“Deployteq Data is a golden match. Collect, deploy, analyse and optimise your campaigns through the entire funnel. “

Mark K. Centraal Beheer

“My all-time favourite software for omnichannel marketing automation and orchestration”

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