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Customer data platform (CDP)

Create data-driven campaigns and supercharge your sales funnel


With the Deployteq data packages you have a unified platform with a complete overview to manage your website data as well as trigger hyper-personalised campaigns and fill your sales funnel and generate revenue.

Deployteq’s power with enriching CDP features

Enhance efficiency and reduce costs

Are you using limited features of your Customer Data Platform (CDP)? With our data modules and campaign deployment in one platform, reduce costs and boost efficiency.


Engage personally

Increase your engagement by super charging personalisation. Boost your customer lifetime value (CLV) by cutting through the noise and sending only relevant messages.

Own all your data

Build a 360-customer view in one place. Combine data from all your channels together, reduce time spent on fragmented data and increase efficiency.

CDP functionality 


Get in-depth insight into the behaviour of your website visitors and merge data with your Deployteq customer profiles.

This module is the first step for data-driven campaigns that match the needs of your customers. Segment your audience by interests, behaviours, and preferences.

Extra functionality with this module:

  • Script, tracker, and product feed
  • Insights dashboard
  • Recognition of more visitors
  • Audience builder based on web behavior
  • Use audience in advertising platforms

Trigger-based & recommendations

Trigger automatic emails that generate more revenue.

Show the most recently viewed products, products viewed the past 24 hours on the website, or send cross- or upsell products that match recently purchased product.

Extra functionality with this module:

  • Insights, Recognition & Audience module functionality
  • Automated follow-ups: Abandoned cart, search & browse
  • Automated product recommendations: Items you may like, recommended for you, popular items, etc.


Web Personalisation

Boost your on-site conversions at a small price.

Personalise your website content on different levels. From persuasive messages to product recommendations and banner personalization. Give your visitors a unique and relevant experience that drives their interaction and conversion.

Extra functionality with this module:

  • Insights, Recognition & Audience module
  • Trigger based & Recommendations module
  • Add your website as a channel.
  • Personalise banners on website
  • Product messages (persuasion)

Lucardi Jewelry

Exceptional results from the abandoned cart journey

  • 62% increase in cart abandonment emails sent
  • 323% increase in transactions from the cart abandonment journey
  • 86% more revenue per cart abandonment email sent
  • 201% increase in revenue

Lucardi Jewelry improved the cart abandonment journey by sending emails two hours after the cart is abandoned and using customer recognition to send more emails to logged-in shoppers, resulting in impressive results.


More than just a data platform

Discover the all the channels we have in our arsenal.


Reach your customer faster with real-time SMS messages.

Forms & Pages

Make custom landing pages, capture more data and improve the customer journey.

Push notifications

Increase in-app purchases and engagement with timely push notifications.

WhatsApp Business

Connect to your customers on the most popular messaging platform.


Create beautiful designs and engaging emails with out email marketing platform

Dirk de Man - Tech Lead, Denk Production

“Deployteq is like a LEGO set for marketing automation: the only limit is your own creativity”

Mark Kruisman - Senior Email Specialist, Centraal Beheer

“My all-time favourite software for omnichannel marketing automation and orchestration”

Deployteq Data packages pricing

Pay for what you need, nothing more and expand at any time.

Want to know more about our data functionality?

Get in touch with the team to see how Deployteq can help you:

  • Use data for personalised customer experiences 
  • Increase website conversions. 
  • Gain actionable insights from multiple channels.
  • Engage audiences across every touchpoint and drive ROI.

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What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a specialised type of data platform designed to collect, unify, and manage customer data from various sources and touchpoints. It is focused on creating a comprehensive and single customer profile.

CDPs are used primarily by marketing teams to improve customer engagement, personalization, and targeting by having a 360-degree view of customer behaviour and preferences.

They often incorporate features like data integration, identity resolution, data cleansing, and segmentation to enable personalized marketing campaigns.

How do I know I need a CDP?
  • “I need to do something with data but I don’t know what”
  • “ I don’t know my website visitors”
  • “ I struggle to consistently tell the same story across all marketing channels”
  • “I struggle to know my customers and send relevant messages.”
  • “I am struggling to (re)activate my clients.”

 Do any of these phrases sound familiar? If yes, then it is likely to start working with a customer engagement platform. As data and channels grow many companies struggle to maximize first and zero-data potential. Use a CDP to unify all fragmented data from multiple disconnected platforms, identify customers across all channels, unify data and send the right message every time.

How do I sign up to the Deployteq newsletter?

If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the world of digital marketing, sign up to our newsletter here 

Does Deployteq integrate with my CRM/CDP/DMP?

Deployteq is built in-house at our offices in Utrecht, meaning we have the capability to create connections and integrations to pretty much every piece of your tech landscape. We’ve already got connections to Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and of course Datateq, among 250+ others. Check out what’s on offer here.

What are the benefits of data modules in Deployteq?

Many marketers only use limited features of their Customer Data Platform. Powered by Squeezely (CDP),  Deployteq adds the most relevant features from a CDP to an already powerful marketing automation tool.  With our data modules, you will benefit from:

  • The power of a CDP without adding an extra platform to your tech stack.
  • Lower costs than having a CDP.
  • Only unlocking features that are relevant to you.




What is the pricing of data modules in Deployteq?

Deployteq has 3 scalable modules that are packaged into 3 different offerings:  The Starter package, the Advanced package, and the Total package. The price of the Starter package starts at €349 euros.

  • Starter package (Audience module)
  • Advanced package (Starter package + Recommendation module)
  • Total package (Email package + Web personalisation module)