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Email marketing for retail & e-commerce

The most reliable marketing automation platform for retail & e-commerce

Deployteq is the most easy to use, marketing automation tool giving you the confidence that every message will be delivered.  

Drive online purchases by turning website visits into customers

Connect your customers to their perfect products.

Fuel your personalised, no-code campaigns with real-time shopping behaviour, customer preferences and past purchases. With Deployteq you can create powerful omnichannel communications that speak on a personal level to every shop visitor. 


Automated journeys

Save time and stay relevant with automated welcome campaigns, Birthday offers, abandoned shopping cart flows and many more! 

Powerful features

Unique functionality and features like weather-based recommendations, advanced reporting modules and responsive no-code HTML-free templates.


Enrich customer data, communicate through omnichannel communications like SMS, In-App and WhatsApp and send your transactional updates all from one platform. 

Create immersive journeys that drive repeat purchases

Intuitive and powerful. Deployteq allows you to easily engage with shop visitors based on their behaviour and interactions online and in-store. Think easy integration and message deployment on shipping status, payment confirmations, ecommerce platforms, POS notices, item restock and more!

Streamline user shopping experiences with Magento, Shopify or Shopware. Integrate any secure data sources such as Hubspot or Fresh Relevance to deeply understand visitors and build fully connected customer experiences across any channel with our single customer view marketing automation platform. 

Integrations for retail & e-commerce

Fresh relevance

Use highly relevant information, offers and promotions based on real-time data and interactions to maximise the return on your emails.


Send personalised emails based on customer activity, such as purchases, credit balance or an abandoned shopping basket.


Create a seamless shopping experience and reach your customers with the right content, on the right channel based on purchase behaviour.

Facebook Audience

Approach your customer from Deployteq via Facebook.


Synchronise real-time availability while automatically sending confirmation emails, invoices, pre-arrival emails and welcome home mails.


Integrate your Trustpilot account with Deployteq to automatically send review invitations to your customers.

Increase loyalty and engage new shoppers 

Turn one-time visitors into lifelong fans. Deployteq enables you to gain deep insights and analysis of customer needs and their preferences, sometimes even before they know they need it! Trigger product recommendations and abandoned cart emails as well as timely shipping updates and purchase details.

Keep them coming back for more with personalised content journeys with Deployteq.

Real-time personalisation across the purchase lifecycle

Create seamless and consistent personalised user experiences across websites, mobile apps, email, social media and WhatsApp. From welcome campaigns & transactional purchase updates to review generation and related product recommendations. Deployteq gives retail & e-commerce marketers the freedom to create enhanced customer experiences with the right message, the right time and the right channel.

Who’s using Deployteq?

Email marketing for retail and ecommerce customers

+9% revenue with personalised campaign

BBQuality, an online butcher shop, responded to post-lockdown market fluctuations by partnering with Happy Horizon and Deployteq to create a hyper-personalised birthday campaign. Recognising the evolving consumer behaviour, the team devised a strategy incorporating personalized elements like weather forecasts, delivery times, and location-based discounts. The limited-time offer aimed at inducing urgency resulted in a monthly revenue surge of €36,000 over the initial four months, marking a substantial +9% increase compared to the preceding period. Exceeding expectations, the campaign surpassed its goal, achieving an additional +7.5% in revenue, providing BBQuality with a more stable and reliable income stream.


80% time saving through marketing automation for Body&Fit

Global health and fitness retailer Body&Fit faced time-consuming market setup challenges across 15 countries. Leveraging Deployteq’s user-friendly solutions, the company streamlined email marketing automation campaigns, aligning with customer journeys across diverse markets—from the Netherlands and France to the UK, Japan, Australia, and North America. Deployteq’s extensive personalization options facilitated the creation of tailored messages for a worldwide audience. Additionally, the platform handled transactional emails, allowing for comprehensive performance analysis. The efficient integration with Deployteq not only addressed the initial setup concerns by saving 80% of their time but also provided a scalable and personalised approach to global marketing efforts for Body&Fit.

6,000 new mobile numbers in Black Friday campaign


Leen Bakker, a leading Dutch furniture brand, faced fierce Black Friday competition and sought to stand out through innovative strategies. Collaborating with Deployteq, they devised a multi-page SMS data collection campaign. Consumers, providing mobile numbers, received email discount codes for Black Friday. The results surpassed expectations, boasting a 27% click-through rate—24.54% above the industry benchmark—yielding 6,000 collected numbers with opt-ins. This successful approach not only navigated the Black Friday inbox competition but also showcased the effectiveness of leveraging alternative channels for heightened engagement and substantial lead generation.

David Elliott - Wickes

Deployteq has been transformational to our business. We are planning campaigns differently, responding quicker and now thinking customer-first. We are very excited.

Jisk Flikweert - Award-winning email markerter, De Bademan

By using segmentation, we can now conduct targeted campaigns. Through automated email flows, Deployteq helps us generate appointments in our physical stores and online purchases.

Mark Kruisman - Senior Email Specialist, Centraal Beheer

“My all-time favourite software for omnichannel marketing automation and orchestration”

Want a marketing automation tool powerful enough to do it all? 

Deployteq - Data consultanty

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