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Email marketing for financial services

The most reliable marketing automation platform for financial services

Deployteq is the most easy to use, marketing automation tool giving you the confidence that every message will be delivered.  

Craft secure, data-driven customer experiences to dive customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Investing in client satisfaction is always a good investment. Deployteq can help you to create seamless and personalised customer journeys. Provide guidance and clear communication during your customer’s milestones in life whether they need a new insurance policy, loan for a house, or simply a payment reminder, Deployteq can help you deliver the message on the right channel every time.  


Our commitment to security

Security is our number one priority. Deployteq has a built-in, multi-layer secure infrastructure. With unlimited licenses, you can safely use Deployteq with multiple teams and departments without having to worry.

We are proud to say we are 100% GDPR proof. We’re also ISO9001, 27001 and 14001 certified.

Create immersive customer journeys 

With Deployteq’s data modules, financial service marketers can easily connect and visualise all the client data in one place. Integrate all consumer’s profile data, client services interactions, payment information, behavioural data and more, to create segmented omnichannel customer journeys.

Win your client’s trust and improve customer experience by sharing only relevant communications.

Integrations for financial services


Synchronise data, such as vehicle and parking data or the MOT date, and automate emails based on that information.


Process hours worked by integrating Deployteq with FlexService.


Automate office administrative tasks, such as delivering confirmation emails, invoices and cross and upsell emails.


Email Verification: Validate customer records in real-time with easy use across all online campaigns.


Combine the data you collect in Salesforce with Deployteq’s powerful, unique meta-tagging.


Integrate your Trustpilot account with Deployteq to automatically send review invitations to your customers.

Increase loyalty and engage new customers

Intuitive and powerful, Deployteq allows you to easily engage with your customers based on their behavior and interactions.

Simple drag-and-drop functionality, instantaneous segmentation, and the ability to integrate with any secure data source, build fully connected customer experiences across any channel on this single customer view marketing automation platform.

Use the right channel every time

Personalised emails – Email is still one of the most relevant channels for conversions. Email is the perfect channel for account updates and changes, upselling products, renewals, onboarding a new client and the lost goes on.

Real-time messaging –85% of consumers prefer to be contacted via SMS, WhatsApp or in-app push messaging for time sensitive messages. With Deployteq financial services marketers can make sure that the right channel for the right message is used every time.

Who’s using Deployteq?

Email marketing for retail and ecommerce customers

CCV Group’s email success: +15.12% click through rate surge!

CCV Group, a leading European payment services provider, collaborated with Deployteq to fortify its email marketing. With a focus on secure payment solutions, the strategy saw innovative designs by Deployteq, tailored for CCV’s audience. This initiative resulted in a remarkable +55.04% increase in Open Rate, a +15.12% boost in Click-Through Rate (CTR), and a significant +28.56% improvement in Click-To-Open (CTO) rates. The secure email marketing approach not only enhanced trust but also led to increased conversion rates, providing CCV Group with an improved customer experience.


Centraal Beheer’s SMS Revolution: Crisis-ready customer service, soaring satisfaction!

Centraal Beheer, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction, faced overwhelmed customer service due to the surge in insurance inquiries amid COVID-19. Deployteq stepped in to alleviate the pressure by implementing an SMS service. In just one day, approximately 179,000 contacts received SMS messages, easing the strain on Centraal Beheer’s phone lines and boosting customer satisfaction. The swift SMS solution effectively addressed the challenges posed by the pandemic and provided relief to both customers and the Centraal Beheer support team.

DAS and Deployteq: Elevating newsletters, amplifying results!

DAS, a legal and financial service provider, collaborates with Deployteq for marketing automation. After a strategic session with Deployteq’s email strategist, DAS identified areas for newsletter improvement. Prioritising clear communication, DAS assessed the newsletter’s value, incorporating feedback via their KTO. DAS enhanced content variations and implemented complex segmentations for improved personalization. This approach significantly upgraded the newsletter, with DAS observing a positive correlation between these enhancements and results. The partnership reflects a shared goal and ambition to enhance communication strategies, demonstrating the effectiveness of strategic collaboration between DAS and Deployteq.


Mark Kruisman - Senior Email Specialist, Centraal Beheer

“My all-time favourite software for omnichannel marketing automation and orchestration”

David Elliott - Wickes

Deployteq has been transformational to our business. We are planning campaigns differently, responding quicker and now thinking customer-first. We are very excited.

Automated journeys

Save time and stay relevant with automated onboarding campaigns, engagement-based campaigns, win-back campaigns and contract renewals.

Powerful features

Unique functionality and features like polls to enrich customer data, advanced reporting modules and responsive no-code HTML-free templates.


Enrich customer data, communicate through omnichannel communications like SMS, In-App and WhatsApp and send your transactional updates all from one platform. 

Want a marketing automation tool powerful enough to do it all? 

Deployteq - Data consultanty

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