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Improve customer satisfaction with relevant, timely updates.

Send emails that feel personal.
WhatsApp Business

Find your clients on their favourite messaging app. 


Relevant updates at exactly the right time.

Mobile app

Engage and win-back app-users.

Landing pages & forms

Gather and enrich your data through on-brand pages.

Cut through the noise with telemarketing and direct mail.
Analytics, e-commerce, data management. Unify your tech stack.
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Integrate data and tech tools

Connect your tech

Deployteq is completely scalable to your current and future marketing needs. This ‘plug- and-play’ platform is built to easily integrate without needing technical support.

Mark Kruisman - Senior Email Specialist, Centraal beheer

“Deployteq provides an amazing amount freedom to send data to and from different systems, allowing me to use that data in my omnichannel campaigns, in real-time. We now offer our clients the most relevant messages.”

Integrate your system

Built in-house with open API’s Deployteq can be integrated with any external platform, consolidating your tech ecosystems, and giving you a comprehensive 360° customer view. Choose from an extensive list of standard integrations or ask our experts for various customisable options.


Streamlined shopping experiences with the Magento e-commerce platform.


Enhance your online store’s capabilities with Shopware integration.


Optimise your stores e-commerce operations seamlessly with BigCommerce.


Improve your online sales on WordPress with WooCommerce integration.


Nurture your candidates & trigger job alerts with the Carerix integration.


Automate office administrative tasks, such as delivering confirmation emails, invoices, cross and upsell emails, pre-arrival and welcome home mails.


Pull together customer data from all your systems with the PRDCT Data platform and maximise your customer data value.


Simplify online payments and personalise customer communications, gain insights on user behavior, and optimize marketing strategies, available for custom-built platforms via the Mollie integration.


Connect your favorite apps and automate workflows with Zapier integration.


Sell more from your e-commerce business with Shopify integration.


Manage your retail business payments efficiently with Lightspeed integration.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Harness the power of Salesforce for enhanced e-commerce experiences.


Monitor real-time transactions and personalise your online presence with Aspos.


Use website product data in communications and increase customer engagement with Gambio.


The easiest way to process your e-commerce payments with JTL-Shop.


Enable highly personalised campaigns with the OXID eSales integration.


Offer products on comparison sites, and marketplaces, adding and optimising data while selecting and filtering products for each channel.


Keep your email data real-time and relevant with the Buckles integration.


Drive greater conversions and better results by utilising Sitecore’s customer data to personalise emails and send more relevant content.

Tommy Booking Support

Simplify booking management with Tommy Booking Support integration.


Synchronise real-time availability while automatically sending confirmation emails with Armadeus.

Booking Experts

Optimise your reservation systems and grow turnover with Booking Experts.

Stratech Leisure

Make the data in the reservation system available to Deployteq to send fully segmented, personalised campaigns that you only need to set up once.


Trigger transactional emails and manage reservations for your recreation business with Every Office (EveryLeisure).


Trigger transactional emails and gather data for your recreation business with Recranet.


Send personalised campaigns to guests based on their booking history and behaviors with the Maxxton integration.

FlexService - HelloFlex

Optimise service management and process hours worked by integrating Deployteq with FlexService.


Create realtime personalisation and targetting with Blueconic integration.

Spotler Activate

Personalise product recommendations and detect new audiences with Spotler Activate.


Implement, manage and maintain tags with an easy-to-use web interface, while bringing together data from different sources in one central location with Tealium’s data capabilities.


Build AI-driven customer journeys with real-time connectivity across all systems and touchpoints with Relay42.

Facebook Audience

Target and engage your audience effectively with Facebook Audience integration.

Facebook Leads Ads

Generate leads efficiently with Facebook Leads Ads integration.


Capture a complete image of customer behaviour and translate this into dynamic, real-time customer profiles.


Connect all data sources for a full 360° customer view with Invenna integration.


Use customer data intelligently to ensure they’re sent relevant offers at the right time.


Drive personalised customer experiences and engage in real-time 1:1 marketing through email with Pega integration.


Create customer-specific URLs with Olery to encourage your users to leave feedback.


Align your data in SuperOffice and Deployteq to make instant, automatic changes that are reflected in each.


Enable secure online payments in a Deployteq form or page with iDEAL integration.


Streamline payment processes and trigger transactional communications with a Stripe integration.


Automate customer journeys sequences based on their interactions with Plug&Pay, such as purchases or abandoned carts.


Streamline payment processes and trigger transactional communications with a PayPal integration.


Track your revenue and streamline accounting processes with the Yuki integration.


Easily process payments for your form or page in Deployteq with Buckaroo integration.

CCV Shop

All your payment solutions secure with the CCV integration.


Easily process secure payments for your form or page in Deployteq with an Adyen integration.


Communicate and collaborate with your teams with personalised content with the Huddle integration.

inSided (now Gainsight)

With a campaign object in Deployteq, retrieve email address leads from inSided.


Set automated alerts and improve team communication and collaboration with Slack integration.


Streamline event management, personalise and target emails based on ticket purchase activity with the Eventbrite integration.


Synchronise mobility data, such as vehicle and parking data or the MOT date, and automate emails based on that information.


Access accurate weather data for your business and display specific, local weather forecasts in your communications by integrating Weer.nl with Deployteq.


Integrate your Trustpilot account with Deployteq to automatically send review invitations to your customers.


Email Verification: Validate customer records in real-time with easy use across all online campaigns.


Gather actionable feedback on communications and improve customer experience with CloseAlert integration.


Get valuable data and insights in easy-to-view reports from your campaigns with the Seino integration.


Drive greater conversions and better results by utilising Sitecore’s customer data to personalise emails and send more relevant content.


Ensure attendees are well informed and promote events via multiple channels through the Tixly integration.


Provide exceptional customer support with Zendesk integration.


Track and trigger from transactions and send targeted promotions through the Intersolve integration.


Engage customers on their preferred messaging platform, send WhatsApp messages through campaigns and skyrocket your sales and marketing using powerful WhatsApp features.

Fresh Relevance

Use highly relevant information, offers and promotions based on real-time data and interactions to maximise the return on your emails.


Sync data from Firebase to Deployteq and trigger automations based on campaign opens and contact tasks.


Send personalised, automated videos from Storyteq through the Deployteq integration.


Showcase your videos in your communications through the Vimeo integration.

Bold Commerce

Send segmented and dynamic product recommendations, create loyal customers and nurture leads through Bold Commerce.


Drive user-generated content marketing at scale by streamlining the process of collecting, managing and publishing content to digital channels like email.

Google Ads

Target buyers more easily with Deployteq using browsing activity, purchase activity, predictive analytics, message engagement and more, to power targeted ads across Google’s channels.

Google Analytics

Use insights from your website traffic and user behaviour to trigger multi-channel campaigns with the Google Analytics integration.


Leverage advanced analytics, real-time insights, and personalized campaigns through centralised data storage with the BigQuery integration.

Azure Service Bus

Simplify cloud communication and data exchange between systems for streamlined workflows and enhanced customer engagement with the Azure Service Bus integration.

Google Wallet

Seamless transaction processing, personalised offers based on purchase history, streamlined customer engagement through targeted promotions with the Google Wallet integration.


Gain cross-platform insights, customised reporting, automated insights, and optimise email campaign performance with the Looker integration.


Synchronise your CRM system with Deployteq to ensure any changes take effect immediately and automatically.


Streamline HR, finance, and CRM processes with the AFAS integration.


Automated, personalised campaigns based on customer data, facilitating better segmentation with Exact integration.

Salesforce CRM

Combine the data you collect in Salesforce CRM with Deployteq’s powerful features and message Deployment to build stronger customer relationships.

Zoho CRM

Create data-driven personalised campaigns and behaviour triggered workflows with the ZohoCRM integration.


Enhance customer retention and loyalty through enhanced segmentation and automated campaigns with the Optimove integration.


Trigger personalised campaigns based on lead score through the Pipedrive integration.


Synchronise data, gain insights into ROI, automate invoicing, personalise campaigns and improve forecasting with the Sage integration.


Improve team collaboration and project management while facilitating lead management, automated workflows, and personalised marketing with the Teamleader integration.

Microsoft Dynamics

Fully personalise and segment your marketing automation for tailored customer journeys.


Capture leads, manage attendees and send event promotion and follow-ups through the WebinarGeek integration with Deployteq.


Manage attendees and send event promotion and follow-ups through the LiveWebinar integration with Deployteq.


Set up triggers for event updates and promotion, create new contacts based on webinar registrations, or start journeys in webinar-related automations and campaigns.


Use the Demio integration to engage prospects and customers in real-time while also measuring results across your webinar campaigns.


Automatically add your Zoom webinar registrants to Deployteq for automated event updates and follow-up.


Migrate customer registration data and tag webinar registrants individually with the WebinarNinja integration.


Build forms and embed opt-in forms to capture new leads, or distribute marketing materials through the Facebook integration.


Retarget sleeping contacts and trigger workflows from client behaviour with the Instagram integration.


Send quick personalised video emails to contacts based on events, campaigns and tags with this Bonjoro integration.


Send new leads directly into your Deployteq environment. Use triggers to enter your new leads into automated campaigns with the Clickfunnels integration.


With the Instapage, Deployteq integration a contact can be entered into automated campaigns. Create triggers based on their interaction with your communications and salesforce.

LinkedIn Ads

By syncing leads captured through LinkedIn Ads directly into Deployteq you can personalise follow-up campaigns and nurture prospects effectively.


Capture leads, run automated A/B tests and trigger automated responses and reminder messages with the Privy integration.


Send customer data from interactive forms and surveys to Deployteq to begin follow-up campaigns and generate leads and gather insights using Typeform integration.

Google Forms

Send Google Forms data into Deployteq (if the form includes an email address) so that a form submission can create a new contact with the Google Forms integration.


Collect new leads through customisable online forms, with seamless automation to send data to Deployteq, enhancing workflow efficiency and improving the overall customer experience.


Using SurveyMonkey with Deployteq allows you to link data from surveys to contacts and trigger events based on responses.


Send data between Deployteq and Ninja Forms and add or update Deployteq contacts for new submissions on Ninja Forms, add them to automations or create new campaigns and deals.

WP Forms

Collect data, such as leads and payments, while seamlessly integrating with Deployteq to automate email list management and follow-up processes.


Collect and update customer contact details through the Paperform integration.

Gravity Forms

Capture leads send new contacts gained through form submissions directly to Deployteq with Gravity Forms integration.


Schedule meetings and appointments, connect with your leads and provide meeting updates and follow-ups with the Calendly integration.


Collaborate with colleagues and provide updates on tasks through the Deployteq and Monday.com integration.


Simplify appointment scheduling and bookings send campaigns fueled by powerful segmentation and targeted content.


Align and sync your team’s contact data, build powerful automations and track their collaboration in real-time with this powerful integration.