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About us

Deployteq, founded back in 2000, is a revolutionary marketing automation platform. We are looking for brilliant talents to join our ambitious team to help free marketers so they can make a real impact on the world. Apply to one of the vacancies and grow local and global brands. Join the Deployteq revolution & change the game.

Our story and our people

We’re a people-first company, with a culture of diversity, inclusivity and sustainability that’s always been an integral part of our DNA. Our clients’ teams, our team – we are all one team.

We are transforming the way brands do marketing. That’s connected creative services, connected customer experiences – and we’re connecting people with our game- changing marketing tech. We believe in the power of collaboration.

We invest in people. We have a team of over 50 Wellbeing Champions all around the world. We support the communities we work in and charities we believe in. We host all sorts of inspired thinking and wellbeing events, all centered around motivation, innovation and positive mental health.

We believe that brilliant marketing must also be kind to the planet. It’s the most important brief we’ll ever work on and, alongside our clients, we’re aiming to be carbon neutral by 2023.

We’re doing lots of stuff we’re proud of, but there’s much more to do. Come and join us on the journey.

Employee perks

Work from home

We cover part of the costs of you working from home. For a perfect work-life balance.

25 Holidays + Holidays

Go to the beach or stay in bed
– the choice is yours. We’ll even add more when you’ve been with us for 5+ years.

Be paid to volunteer

We’re dedicated to giving back. We’ll pay you to go and volunteer for your chosen charity.

Wellbeing days

Wellbeing days to great events and other initiatives, your wellbeing is central to us.

Pension plan

Comprehensive pension plan with the possibility of building up your savings, so we also think about your future.

Referral Program

Do you know someone who is a perfect match with Deployteq? Connect with us and earn an interesting reward.

Welcome Packs & Events

A package of goodies to welcome you to Deployteq as well as monthly events to get to know your colleagues.

Bicycle Lease plan

Use your business lease
bicycle for unlimited private use at attractive conditions. So healthy – and cheap.

Wellbeing coaches

3 free sessions with one of our highly specialised external coaches.

We’re looking for data scientists, sales hunters, tech wizards, creative gurus and more.

Our values, written by our
people, for our people : )

We thrive on challenge. And revel in adventure. We own what we do and do what we say to make a difference together. We deliver results by spending our time where it makes the most impact. We’re on it.

We’re not robots. We have personalities. Some big, some small, but all unique. We make things happen and always look out for each other. We openly share our ideas, experience and feelings. We question
endlessly and listen intently. We’re respectful, kind and humble. Be human.

We’re here to help There’s no room for glory hunters, office politics or big egos at Deployteq. We say it like it is, in the simplest way possible.

Which means no marketing jargon or mumbo jumbo. Instead we ask for (and give) honest, helpful feedback. Cut the cr@p.

We ask the big questions. And put strategy at the heart of our thinking.
We don’t just give our clients what they want – we give them what
they really need. We live in the world of ‘What if…’

We work hard and we play hard. We do amazing things for our clients every day – and we do amazing things for each other. We look after our wellbeing. We’re not super-human, we’re a team of super humans… and we’re Stronger Together.