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Marketing automation channels

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Seamlessly coordinate omnichannel customer journeys for email, SMS, landing page, social, WhatsApp and more. This game-changing platform frees marketers to focus on the messages, marketing and customers, driving results and brand loyalty.

Any touchpoint, any time


Reach every individual customer with highly personalised communications for a truly unique experience. Use Deployteq’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create interactive emails, and boost engagement with dynamic content that captures the imagination.


98% of SMS messages are read within five minutes, making it the ideal channel to ensure your content hits home. Open a window for great conversations, send notifications and appointment reminders, or even get rapid-fire answers to polls, questionnaires and feedback requests.

WhatsApp Business

Instant messaging is fast becoming the number one way for people and businesses to communicate. Ensure your customer journey’s our future-proof and prepared for instant messaging by incorporating WhatsApp business into the experience. Provide support, order updates and answer customer queries in an instant.


Reach 100% of your app users with personalised messages based on customer interests, behaviours and data, allowing you to add valuable content to their brand journey. With the right message placed perfectly within your app, you stay connected to your audience for longer and keep them coming back for more.

Mobile inbox

Ensure your communications are always personal with mobile inbox on your app. Reward loyal customers with personally relevant messages, and schedule messages about temporary offers. 


Timing is everything – with push notifications, you can target a user’s behaviour, location or preferences to trigger a personalised notification. Deployteq’s interactive feedback loop monitors behaviour in real-time, giving you the flexibility to amend and adapt campaigns.

Social media

With billions of global users, social media is still a relatively untapped goldmine of potential customers for your business. Boost awareness, drive demand and revolutionise the way you generate leads, all while cultivating a new, loyal community of followers.

Landing page

Tap into the innovative drag-and-drop functionality of Deployteq to create interactive, responsive landing pages that tie your customer journey together. There’s no technical expertise required, and with the plug & play feature your pages are automatically built to look their best on desktop or mobile.


For certain demographics, print is still the marketing method of choice. Integrate your print with all of your other channels for a truly seamless experience. Automate the sending of content with campaign triggers in Deployteq, and personalise it as you would digital communications using real-time customer data.

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Deployteq combines deep data with
ultimate flexibility, meaning you send
the right message, to the right channel,
at exactly the right time – every time.


“We’ve had 17% more follow-up purchases thanks to Deployteq’s marketing automation.”