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The best subject lines for Halloween and Black Friday

Oct 17, 2023

Halloween is right around the corner. We’ve pulled together these best subject lines for Halloween and Black Friday to support your fangtastic campaigns. And it’s not just Halloween; Black Friday is creepin’ up on us from the shadows. In recent years, 116.5 million emails were sent on the most anticipated retail event of the year. That’s a lot of competition!

So, what can you do to stand out?

Top tips for the perfect subject lines

A compelling subject line is essential to the success of your email marketing. Our first rule of thumb is that less boring is always a step in the right direction!

What makes a great subject line?

Let’s start by talking about the principles of writing an excellent subject line:

  • Pique interest and audience curiosity: a great way to do that is by asking questions that focus on your audience’s pain points.
  • Make it clear to your contacts that the call to action is imperative.
  • Personalisation and relevance to your user are the keys to boosting engagement.
  • Be mindful of deliverability and try to avoid spam triggers. 

To generate conversions and engage subscribers, your email subject lines must be creative, clever and intriguing. As email experts, we’ve pulled together some of our favourites for this season:

Spooky Subject Lines for Halloween

Halloween sales are growing year on year, and with this creepy party on your doorstep, make sure you’re offering Halloween deals to capture a slice of the pumpkin pie. Given that email is the most effective channel, here are our top tip email subject lines to stand out:

1. Haunting Halloween bundles
Alliteration is catchy, and the word “bundles” gives the reader a lot of information with just one word.

2. Looks that thrill this Halloween
A play on words adds a little fun to your subject lines to engage with the user.

3. Spooktacular savings
This one works for so many different products and services.

4. If you’ve got it, haunt it
Great for clothing brands to sell their wicked wears.

5. Be the 👻 with the most
This number can relate to many industries. Push your products with a friendly ghost.

6. Pumpkin spice and all things nice
A subject line you can smell, triggering cosy memories for your readers.

7. Be b🎃🎃tiful this Halloween
Perfect for the beauty industry and a creative way of using emojis.

8. No tricks! Just treats, 50% off
Being upfront about your discounts is attractive to the user!

9. BOO-st your sales with [organisation name]
Fun puns aren’t just for the B2C industry. Inject some humour into your B2B campaigns too.

10. Are you ghosting us?
Perfect for a reactivation campaign this Halloween.

Black Friday Subject Lines

Black Friday is always a big fight in customers’ inboxes. So, ditch the dull subject lines and swap them out for eye-catching beacons. Think blinking lights and balloons! Here are some bright ideas for you:

1. Up all night to get lucky?
Using current pop culture in subject lines will pique interest; make sure they’re relevant.

2. ⏲️Tick tock on the Black Friday clock
Subject lines are the catchiest when they rhyme. This example puts across the message of time urgency with a jingle.

3. Last chance for Black Friday deals
Creating urgency on your deals incentivises the user to convert.

4. [First Name], do you like surprises?
A little personalisation and mystery never hurt anyone.

5. Close call, you almost missed Black Friday
Give your readers FOMO to seal the deal on Black Friday

6. VIP Black Friday discount
VIP and exclusive discounts make your readers feel unique and more likely to interact.

7. Beat the crowds this Black Friday
No one wants to battle through shops anymore. Focus on that benefit with this subject line.

8. Friday is just the beginning…
Give Black Friday a more ‘epic’ feeling and draw in your user. Also, let your users know you’ll be taking part in Cyber Monday too!

9. FOMBF: Fear of Missing Black Friday
We are taking FOMO very literally but adding some humorous spice to it.

10. Not that sale ☝️ or that one 👇
It’s not your typical Black Friday subject line, but it’s sure to get a smile or two.


Need help with your fangtastic email campaigns? Check out our services department; they’re awesome.

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