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The role of AI in holiday campaigns

Nov 14, 2023

Festive emails and campaigns are some of the most wonderful emails of the year. But that doesn’t stop us marketers from being glad when this stressful month is over. You just got your Black Friday campaigns out the door and now you have to focus on the best Christmas and New Year’s campaigns We’d like to help you get started and tell you how AI can be used during the holidays.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written a blog about how AI, We’re dedicated to showing you how to use these valuable tools to make your life easier in the busiest of seasons. In this article, we’ve got some customer cases to give you some inspiration for the festivities. 🎅

Leveraging AI for our customers

AI helps our clients Campercontact and Transavia personalise subject lines and automatically translate text using current Deployteq functionalities.

Campercontact has an international audience and discovered that they lost a lot of time translating newsletters. Using the OpenAI ChatGTP integration, they can fully translate their monthly newsletter from Dutch into German and English in a fully automated way.

They wrote a dynamic prompt, allowing ChatGPT to personalise the text, making it more relevant to the intended audience.

With the right prompt, you also ensure that the tone-of-voice stays within your branding style.

“It saves us a huge job! – Loes de Leede -van ‘t Hof – Email marketer at Campercontact.

Campercontact campaign (2)
Transavia campaign

Transavia are also innovative with their use of AI in their campaigns.

  1. On the website, a potential customer searches for a destination.
  2. If the visitor is recognised, a trigger is sent to Deployteq 90 minutes after the last search.
  3. The trigger contains the data of the searched-for destination.
  4. Based on the destination, ChatGTP is asked to come up with a subject line.
  5. An email is sent to the contact with the personalised subject line.

Festive email campaigns 

We hear your thinking: this blog is about using AI for your holiday campaigns, right? So, let’s get festive!

The examples above will hopefully help you get a better idea or what is possible with AI. And now for the holiday magic! 🎄

  • Let AI design festive subject lines, a Christmas greeting or a beautiful Christmas card for you by including this context in your prompt.
  • Have AI (e.g. Midjourney) design a new Christmas theme based on your current branding and use it in your holiday mail.
  • Using AI, generate relevant and atmospheric images to include in your mail.
  • Let AI segment your customer base based on the most promising target groups based on their purchase data from current years. In fact, AI can detect that one consumer or target audience that is most likely to convert or show engagement with your sent messages.


Christmas sample emails


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