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Want Gartner award-winning marketing technology?

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Marketing automation platform

Easily create data-driven omnichannel experiences that drive loyalty and growth

First-class connections

Intuitive and powerful, Deployteq allows you to easily engage with your customers based on their behavior and interactions.

Simple drag-and-drop functionality, instantaneous segmentation, and the ability to integrate with any secure data source, build fully connected customer experiences across any channel on this single customer view marketing automation platform.

Virgin Media gained a 2.5x ROI with one single campaign

Across multiple channels based on users preferences, Virgin Media send millions of hyper-personalised messages through Deployteq. Want to know more?

Deployteq services

Let Deployteq’s award-winning team give your marketing a boost. Our award-winning team of performance marketers work across data, strategy, and design to optimise your campaigns. We can deliver everything in-house, work as an extension of your team and work with your partner agencies. We are here to support you 24/7.

Dirk de Man - Tech Lead, Denk Production

“Deployteq is like a LEGO set for marketing automation: the only limit is your own creativity”

Mark Kruisman - Senior Email Specialist, Centraal Beheer

“My all-time favourite software for omnichannel marketing automation and orchestration”

Build dynamic segmentations

Create tailored audiences in minutes for the ultimate personalised campaigns using our intuitive and dynamic profile builder.


increase in ROI

3.6 billion

messages every year


deliverability rate 


daily users

1. Connect your
tech anywhere

Utilise your integrations and streamline your connections through one platform, saving on additional investments.

2. Enhance engagement
With automated

While you’re focusing on marketing transformation, ensure your customers are getting the right message at the right time with automated campaigns.

3. Improve
and perform

Custom dashboards and deep insights mean your campaigns will grow and improve with your business.

Your data, your way

Is there a magic formula for driving growth and acquisition?
When you own your data, you can foster deeper relationships that convert to loyal customers.

App behaviour, email interactions, website events and physical interactions. Bought together in one platform: Deployteq data so you can make the right decision at the right time.

Driving growth App behaviourPhysical interactions Email interactions

Let’s talk transactional

Ignite your growth and nurture loyalty. Confidently trigger
personalised promotional and transactional communication
using one tool: Deployteq, security and speed guaranteed.

Security Speed guaranteedGrowth PersonalisedConfidentlyNurture

Try it today

Deployteq combines deep data with
ultimate flexibility, meaning you send
the right message, to the right channel,
at exactly the right time – every time.

Want to know why
these brands love us?

Just ask brands like Virgin Media, Renault and Ziggo, who are using Deployteq to reach their customers and prospects more effectively than ever before.

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Want Gartner award-winning
creative marketing technology?


Want an award-winning
online experience?


Want Gartner award-winning
creative marketing technology?


Want an award-winning
online experience?

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