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Why you need a CDP and marketing automation

Jan 19, 2024

Customer Data Platform (CDP) features are becoming an increasingly crucial component of modern marketing strategies for any customer-focused brand.

Designed to help businesses manage and leverage their customer data effectively, CDP modules collect, unify, and organise customer data from multiple sources. Whether that be websites, email platforms, or CRM and ERP systems.

The benefit?

Businesses, and specifically marketers, have access to a 360-degree view of their customer base. Helping them to better understand, engage with, and target their audience. 

If that’s piqued your interest, then read on to learn everything there is to know about CDP modules, and how they can improve your marketing automation.

Why is a CDP important for marketers?

It’s undeniable that data is playing an increasingly essential role in marketing, acting as the lifeblood of many marketing campaigns and audience interactions. And offering the ability for businesses to create personalised communications, segmented campaigns, and make decisions driven by data. 

However, the more the world engages online, the more digital touchpoints are used, and the more data is generated. This is quickly becoming vast, making it difficult for businesses and marketers to manage and harness data effectively and efficiently.

By centralising data, CDP features address this common challenge. It ensures data accuracy and accessibility, empowering teams to deliver more targeted and relevant marketing and reap the benefits these campaigns bring.

​​Benefits of using a CDP and marketing automation

We’ve touched on some of the benefits of using CDP modules in marketing automation, but let’s dive a little deeper.

Access to reliable data

CDP modules and marketing automation are a match made in marketing heaven.

Because CDP modules collect, unify, and refine customer data from various sources. Creating a centralised and reliable customer profile repository.

This rich data foundation complements marketing automation tools by feeding them the information and insights required to execute highly effective, tailored, and personalised marketing campaigns and communications.

Improved customer segmentation and targeting

By centralising data from a variety of key sources and unifying them into a single customer profile, CDP modules allow marketers to create specific audience segments based on a variety of factors. Such as demographics, behaviour, and preferences.

This segmentation ensures that marketing campaigns are tailored to the interests and needs of each group. Making for more effective, relevant, and personalised communications.


Enhanced personalisation and customer experience

The next logical step from segmentation is enhanced personalisation; another benefit that a CDP bring. 

By utilising the wealth of data that is available to marketers through CDP modules, businesses are able to create a wide range of personalised campaigns and communications. Think product recommendations, birthday celebrations, up-sell and cross-sell campaigns. Your imagination is the only limit!

Real-time insights for better decision-making

With CDP features marketers are able to access real-time customer behaviour and data preferences, enabling them to quickly gain insights and make informed decisions in a proactive and agile way.

In turn, this allows for immediate tweaks and improvements to marketing strategies, ensuring that campaigns remain relevant to the data and audience, as well as address potential trends and opportunities that the data reveals. 

Cross-channel marketing capabilities

Through the use of CDP features, marketers are able to gain a unified view of customer data across a multitude of touchpoints.

The benefit of this holistic data view is that marketers can execute cohesive and consistent campaigns across multiple channels, such as email, social media, websites, and mobile apps. Remaining confident that they can track and monitor their data from each channel effectively.  

Key CDP features 

When it comes to the features of CDP modules, there are some elements9 and types of modules which you should consider for automating relevant campaigns throughout the entire customer journey.

Data insights 

As we’ve mentioned, data is the lifeblood of marketing automation. And understanding your audience whilst gaining insights is an essential stage in getting the most out of your automated campaigns.

That’s why modules which offer audience insights are integral. These modules allow you to manage data and gain a fuller understanding of your audience, enabling you to build audiences and segments based on factors such as demographics and behaviour.

Triggered recommendation modules

Once you have your data sorted, you’ll want to start automating targeted communications, full of content and products that your recipients want to hear about.

With triggered recommendation modules, you can automate personalised campaigns based on recipients’ website behaviour. Think abandoned basket reminders, related products, and browsing re-engagement campaigns. Even better, we’ve found that these campaigns can lead to a 150% increase in revenue.

Web personalisation module

CDP features aren’t just about email, there are also modules which can improve the personalisation of your website and landing pages too.

With web personalisation modules, you are able to tailor imagery, messaging, and products to the individual visitor. Consider personalised banner imagery and copy, targeted product recommendations, and even individual countdown timers.

If you’re not convinced, we’ve found that this type of personalisation can increase conversions by 39%.

Success stories

We hope by now you’re convinced of the power of CDP modules in marketing automation, but if you’re still not sold, check out some of our own customer success stories.

Bax Music

Bax Music’s main goal was to engage with and convert more brand-new customers. 

Their data showed that a large part of their advertising budget was used for loyal customers. So, Bax Musix wanted to explore how they could connect more data points alongside increasing the efficiency of their marketing automation to bring in more new business. 

Using Deployteq’s Insights, Recognition & Audience Module, Bax Music realised that a large proportion of their website visitors were anonymous. To address this, Bax Music set up an email campaign which encouraged website sign-ups, allowing them to recognise and gather details on individuals for more personalised campaigns. 

This was followed by utilising Deployteq’s Triggered & Recommendations Module to execute an abandoned browse email campaign, triggered by data they were tracking on recipients. This resulted in a 14% increase in click-through rates, and an impressive 150% increase in revenue from email.


Despite already using some advanced marketing tactics, Lucardi was struggling to increase its number of orders. To address this challenge, Lucardi wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their website visitors, to automate more targeted and personalised campaigns.

By utilising Deployteq’s Insights, Recognition & Audience Module, Lucardi were able to fully understand their website visitors’ behaviour and automate timely, targeted campaigns to engage with them at the right moment.

This process improved their abandoned basket campaigns in particular, resulting in 62% more abandoned basket campaigns being sent, which directly increased orders by an impressive 323%, generating 201% more revenue from the abandoned basket journey.


Ready to harness the power of CDP and marketing automation?

The gathering, understanding, and usage of data is essential for marketing automation. And CDP modules are key to making this process as straightforward and successful as possible.

At Deployteq, we offer a range of CDP modules which have generated proven successes for our customers. And we’re confident that they can boost your marketing automation too.

Get in touch with our team of experts to find out more.

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