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Resell Partner Awards 2023

Jan 27, 2023

On Thursday the 26th of January 2023, we hosted our annual Resell Partner Awards at the beautiful location of the Sonneborgh, Utrecht, a glorious museum and observatory stooped in history. As well as celebrating all our Resell Partnerships we enjoyed beautiful food and a spot of stargazing through the solar telescope. 

Our partner program’s strength, specialties, and variety are more vital than ever as consumer expectations for a seamless customer experience have raised the bar on cooperation, integration, and speed to market. At Deployteq, we want to ensure as many organisations as possible can benefit from our groundbreaking software, large or small, from retail to finance, and we couldn’t do this without the immense network of our partners.

Congratulations to all our recent Resell Partner Award winners!

We’d like you to join us in celebrating the tremendous impact and contribution to the success of our customers from our impeccable Deployteq Partners. Congratulations to our 2023 winners and thank you to all our partners for their unparalleled collaboration and commitment to excellence.



Highest Riser Award of 2023: Webstores

Webstores is specialised in combining strategy, creativity and technology. They are a big player amongst the automotive industry with customers as car giants Bourguignon and Huiskes-Kokkeler to name a few.  

Webstores offers their clients a complete platform for every stage of the customer journey and Deployteq has become an integral part of that platform. Thanks to their innovation, power and perseverance they have made a huge mark on the automotive world this year by providing a large number of dealerships with their own repairs workshop planner combined with Deployteq. An achievement to be proud of! 

Webstores also has a very strong connection with creative agency Bureau Strak, with whom they frequently work with side-by-side. Together they have grown tremendously on our platform over the past year and now serve around 30 clients. A partnership we’re proud of!

Top Performer award of 2023: Impress

Impress specialise in multi-channel communication and printing on demand. Traditionally very strong in print but has moved with the times and now actively supports large organisations with digital issues.

Thanks to the in-house developed Customer Communications Platform they can reach the right customer through the right channel at the right time. Whether it is digital interactive documents or a personalised mail piece via the in-house print line.

With the move made from print to online, we are seeing tremendous use of Deployteq. The package is deployed from marketing emails to sophisticated customer service flows. We are thrilled with our longstanding relationship and the format your account has taken on over the past year. That’s why Impress is our Top Performer this year!

Better Together Award 2023: Red Online Marketing

Red Online Marketing are the online marketing specialist for the travel and leisure industry. They support clients such as Micazu, Roan and the Kennemer Duincampings on all aspects of their marketing, including marketing automation. The collaboration between Deployteq and Red Online Marketing started in 2015 and has grown exponentially in recent years.

The collaboration between Red Online Marketing and Deployteq runs deeper than the successful, commercial relationship. We count on each other in so many ways, and that’s the core of this award. Here’s a few examples of what makes us Better Together:

  • Combined trainee programs. We put together our forces and expertise to create a complete and successful trainee program.
  • Works collaboratively with our own Client Services team to provide the best possible customer experience. There’s no competitive element in our partnership.
  • A successful partnership. Come rain or shine. We’re all human, and on the odd occasion mistakes are made, and in a totally professional manner, Red Online Marketing haven’t let any grievances affect the partnership, that’s how strong the connection is between our organisations.
  • We frequently join forces. Red Online Marketing was one of the first partners to adopt our Email Benchmark as one of their own, and they also invite us regularly to assist in gathering new business opportunities together.

We look forward to the next 8 years together and more! With the expansion of their team combined with Red Connect their future is looking set for growth and success, not only in the Netherlands but in France and Germany too. We’re excited to take this successful collaboration internationally with Red Online Marketing and wish them lots of success.

Until next year…

Deployteq would like to again congratulate and thank all its Resell Partners for their commitment, loyalty and contribution to the development and support of our platform. Thanks to this network, Deployteq gets significantly stronger every year and it can continue to surprise its users with the most innovative campaigns and game-changing technologies. We look forward to another successful year and another successful collaboration.

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