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Release notes wrap up 2023

Dec 28, 2023

The last year has been dynamic and productive, full of innovation and progress at Deployteq. We delivered multiple new features in 2023 – in addition to platform stability and security updates, while also working hard behind the scenes on features that will be released in 2024. We’d like to take a moment to recognise our Development team, who work scrupulously every day to publish new releases on our platform. Keep reading to see what everything we’ve released in the past year:

  • Improved user guidance: Users will now be notified if not all mandatory template properties are filled in (3.10.15).
  • Extended email verification: Email verification is extended with additional information to give the user a clearer picture. As of release 3.10.4, users now have access to the Sendex™ score and more comprehensive information about the result and reasoning.
  • Mobile inbox innovations: In the mobile inbox, it was previously only possible to indicate the validity period per message by a start and end date. As of release 3.10.21, it is also possible to specify a relative validity period, for example, “seven days from the time of transmission.” Read more about mobile messages here.
  • Countdown timer improvements: Our countdown timer has undergone significant upgrades to prevent images cached by email clients from being used (3.10.22). In addition, in release 3.11.1 we have ensured that the countdown timer is displayed in an optimised way in all email clients. Read more about the countdown timer here.
  • Salesforce API upgrade and Facebook Lead Ads support: With the upgrade of the Salesforce API to a new version (release 3.10.27) and support for more than 25 Facebook Lead Ads forms (release 3.10.26), we are expanding integration opportunities and strengthening connectivity with popular platforms. Curious about the SalesForce integration? Read more about it here. Check out this link for more on Facebook Lead Ads.
  • Security and performance improvements: Several updates have been made to increase the security of sending, including improving SMS delivery confirmations (release 3.10.33). This can be found under the History tab in contact information. This makes SMS optimised for sending transactional messages.
  • The ‘Encrypt customer data’ object in campaigns is used to securely manage customer data in a URL, for example. This allows you to track the customer, pre-fill forms or create a soft login. We made this object useable for one-off actions.
  • Smarty functions have now had a hash function added that can apply this type (3.10.25). Read more about client objects in campaigns here.
  • In the case of a personal PDF or confidential information, you don’t want to offer this PDF via a public URL. For this purpose, Deployteq has developed and added the Remote Attachment object to the ‘Email attachments’ app (3.10.26). Want to know more about how to deploy this? Read the tutorial.


  • Small but impactful updates: Releases 3.10.35 to 3.10.49 contain numerous small but very valuable enhancements, ranging from improved SOAP request handling to better performance of profile rules and more comprehensive bounce information in the campaign environment.

New features – Analytics Events API, MFA and Smarty updates

Key additions such as the Analytics Events API (release 3.10.23), Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Smarty updates (release 3.10.22, 3.11.3 and 3.11.5) strengthen the analytics, security and customisation capabilities of our platform.

Read more about MFA here and more about Analytics capabilities here.

Looking ahead to 2024: WhatsApp Business

This is one of the projects that has been ticking away in the background, and you’re going to see more of it in 2024! Several alpha and beta tests are currently underway for WhatsApp Business. All processes are thoroughly tested and improvements are being worked on to ensure the optimum solution for our clients. As soon as we have an all-encompassing solution, with easy-to-use functionality and complete useability, we’ll make sure you’re the first to hear!

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