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Marketing automation

Automate tedious tasks, save time and nurture relationships.

Email marketing

Send engaging emails that convert your audience.

Data platform

Manage all of your data from one place.

Transactional email

Improve customer satisfaction with relevant, timely updates.

Send emails that feel personal.
WhatsApp Business

Find your clients on their favourite messaging app. 


Relevant updates at exactly the right time.

Mobile app

Engage and win-back app-users.

Landing pages & forms

Gather and enrich your data through on-brand pages.

Cut through the noise with telemarketing and direct mail.
Analytics, e-commerce, data management. Unify your tech stack.
By Industry
Professional Services
Travel recommendations and transactional emails for your clients.
Attractions & leisure

Generate more visitors and uplift your revenue.

Retail & e-commerce

Connect all of your tech to the most easy to use marketing automation software.

Financial Institutions
Secure and reliable communications for your organisation.
Customer success

Everything for a successful relationship.

Personalised onboarding

Your platform, your way.

Hire an expert

Extend your team on location.

Managed services

Our team for your projects.

Let us advise you on marketing automation best practice.
Our team of creative experts can bring your dreams into reality.
Keep up to date with trends and insights.

Deep and complete expertise.

Where all your questions are answered.
Case studies

Sucessful and inspiring client stories.

Webinars & recordings

Virtual events straight from the experts.

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Sign-up for the latest trends and insights into marketing automation.

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Data Consultants

More data to deliver personalised experiences

Our Data Consultants help you convert your data into actionable insights, with which you optimize the quality of your data and make it leading for hyper personalized and converting marketing campaigns. This can be on a project basis for a few hours a week, or even for a longer period of time at locations as part of your team!

Start using all your data

Do you have unused data sources, don’t know how to bring them together, or just don’t know how to make head nor tail of your data? Our Data Consultants will draw up a strategic roadmap with you and describe step by step how you can reach your customer at the right time, with the right message.

You’ll gain:

  • 360-degree customer view in your platform
  • A higher level of personalisation
  • Access to more useful data than ever
  • A higher quality of data
  • A roadmap to data-driven omnichannel campaigns
  • Predictive and valuable reporting and analytics
Deployteq - Data consultanty

Let’s work together

As consultants at Deployteq, we use data to convert companies’ omnichannel marketing goals into successful marketing strategies.

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