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Cheerful Subject Lines for Christmas & New Years’

Nov 10, 2022

Growing your Christmas and New Years’ sales means harnessing the most effective channel. Email Marketing. Your subject lines will play a large part in the success of your email marketing campaigns. We’ve created a list of inspiring subject lines for your upcoming festive emails so that you can spend more time on the design and content. Try out some of these examples:

Christmas Subject Lines

Whatever your work sector, these festive subject lines have all the inspiration you’ll need for memorable Christmas messages that will increase opens and sales!

  1. Spruce up your wardrobe ?
    This one could work for a furniture store OR the fashion industry ?
  2. You better watch out for extreme savings
    We’re getting evil Santa vibes here, and we like it!
  3. Dear Santa… we can explain
    This one’s intriguing and works for many industries, so it can reach a broad audience and collection of topics.
  4. Get your gifts in time for Christmas
    Look at your contacts’ challenges and solve their problems with one simple email.
  5. 20% discount on your Christmas shopping
    Proving that you can solve your contacts’ challenges and save them money is a great way to boost open rates.
  6. Gifts that whoa with less dough
    Give your audience the complete picture cleverly and uniquely.
  7. Happy Haulidays with free delivery!
    We will always, always love a clever and relevant pun
  8. Your Christmas gift guide
    Your audience may be lost with their Christmas shopping list. Let them know they can get all their inspiration from you.
  9. Boost your elf-confidence
    We love a clever pun; stand out with this quirky subject line, perfect for the fashion and beauty industries.
  10. Savings worth melting for
    Some of your readers won’t celebrate Christmas, so this subject line is perfect for a more inclusive email.

New Year Subject Lines

New Year’s resolutions; come in with a bang in your readers’ inbox.

  1. Beat the blues with 50% off
    Entice your readers into some retail therapy with a clear call to action.
  2. Best sale you’ll find this year ?
    A new spin on an old joke, humour in subject lines always works well.
  3. Happy New Year [First Name]!
    Personalisation in the subject line gains more attention from the reader.
  4. Time to exchange the gifts you didn’t like?
    A challenge everyone faces after Christmas, asking a question also grabs attention.
  5. A unique gift to start 2023
    This SL gives your offer some mystery and exclusivity. This can also be used in multiple industries.
  6. Hit shuffle on your 2023 routine – Spotify
    We especially liked this one from Spotify. It’s clever and relevant to their product.
  7. Seriously cool (warm) styles this winter
    Using a clever oxymoron will likely entice your reader and ooze relevance to the season.
  8. New Year survival guide
    Everyone enters the 1st of January with resolutions and challenges. Help them on their way with a Years’ survival guide.
  9. Psst… It’s a secret: What to expect this year ?
    No one can resist a secret. This great subject line can be relevant to various sectors and industries.
  10. Crush your NY resolutions with this [Guide / Article / Whitepaper / Event]
    B2B doesn’t mean you can’t cash in on holidays!

Top tips for the perfect subject lines

A compelling subject line is essential to the success of your email marketing. Our first rule of thumb is that less boring is always a step in the right direction!

What makes a great subject line?

Let’s start by talking about the principles of writing an excellent subject line:

Pique interest and audience curiosity: a great way to do that is by asking questions that focus on your audience’s pain points.

Make it clear to your contacts that the call to action is imperative.

Personalisation and relevance to your user are the keys to boosting engagement.

Need help with your tree-mendous email campaigns? Contact our services department; they’re awesome.

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