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7 trends shaping marketing in 2024

Jan 9, 2024

It’s that exciting time of the year again when we step into a new chapter and anticipate the trends that will define the next 12 months.

At Deployteq, we’ve done the research for you, and compiled a list of 7 trends in marketing for 2024. From AI Empowerment in your teams to Catalytic marketing, we’ve got the gossip for you in our latest article:

  • Catalytic marketing

It’s not about doing more; it’s about creating impactful and lasting changes with catalytic experiences. Industry leaders, including Gartner, are shifting from the ‘more is better’ mindset to championing strategic moments that reshape brand perceptions. Picture experiences that go beyond traditional engagement, prompting customers to pay extra or become brand advocates without direct interaction.

Example: A beauty brand used catalytic marketing with an AI-powered skin assessment, transcending a mere product recommendation. It became a personal beauty advisor, sparking self-reflection and instilling confidence in customers to commit to a new skincare regimen.

  • AI empowerment

Teams need to be trained for digital growth. In 2024, it’s all about AI empowerment. Rather than replacing teams with AI, the focus is on equipping them to overcome tech barriers and harness the full potential of artificial intelligence. Ensure you’re testing and incorporating AI into your every day tasks to assess where this new phenomenon can save you time. Also, take the time to support others around you to make sure they’re taking advantage of AI assistance.

As our Marketing Director, Pauline Buil, suggests: “Equip your team to overcome tech barriers for digital growth. Use AI, identify process changes, coach, and train the team to use AI to produce successful collaboration. Build AI-enabled teams.”

  • Generative AI is here to stay

In 2024, generative AI will go beyond tech circles and become a ubiquitous force. From search engines to office software and communication tools, its potential to enhance efficiency and productivity is undeniable. As we delegate routine tasks to AIs, we’ll reclaim time for our uniquely human skills—fostering creativity, exploring new ideas, and connecting with fellow humans. While ethical challenges persist, 2024 is set to be the transformative year for generative AI.

  • Quantum computing

Quantum computing is the next remarkable trend, leveraging quantum phenomena for unprecedented speed and capabilities. Major brands are innovating in this field, and the global quantum computing market is projected to surpass $2.5 billion by 2029. To make your mark in this trending technology, you’ll need expertise in quantum mechanics, linear algebra, probability, information theory, and machine learning.

For instance, instead of exploring one advertising strategy at a time, quantum algorithms can simultaneously analyse multiple possibilities. This enables marketers to quickly determine the most effective combination of ads for various target audiences, leading to more personalised and efficient campaigns. While practical applications are still in early development, the potential for enhancing advertising strategies through quantum computing is promising.

  • Extended reality (XR)

Prepare to blur the lines between the virtual and real world with augmented reality (AR). Brands are leveraging AR to create immersive experiences, allowing consumers to interact with products in a virtual space before making purchasing decisions. The digital and physical worlds continue to intertwine in 2024, from remote collaboration in virtual workspaces to the surge in online gaming and e-sports.

  • Trustworthy marketing

In 2024, trust is non-negotiable. Identity-based attacks are prevalent, and with 3.4 billion malicious emails sent daily, consumers are cautious about sharing their data. Blockchain emerges as a game-changer, ensuring transparency in data transactions and building trust with consumers valuing authenticity and accountability.

Top trusted trip: Brands can use blockchain to trace product origins, verify authenticity, and create transparent supply chains, fostering trust and loyalty among consumers.

  • Cyber resilience

Beyond traditional cybersecurity, 2024 emphasizes cyber resilience. Automation through AI and machine learning, integrated security frameworks, and heightened awareness against social engineering attacks, such as phishing, become pivotal. As cyber threats evolve, so does the competition to bring advanced solutions to market.

What’s in store, 2024?

As we dive into 2024’s marketing landscape, expect a thrilling ride. From catalytic marketing to AI empowerment and the emergence of generative AI, quantum computing, and extended reality – these trends redefine the game. Trustworthy marketing, now backed by blockchain, shines bright, while cyber resilience takes the lead. Here’s to a year of creativity and success in the ever-evolving marketing game!

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