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Inspired Thinking Group

One vision with two engines

People and technology. Inspired Thinking Group gives ambitious marketers the freedom to do what they’re best out: creative strategy. We achieve this by providing the technology to automate tedious tasks, simplify content creation and management and create beautiful marketing campaigns, online and offline.

About Inspired Thinking Group

1M lifetimevisitors 100% clientsatisfaction* 500k unique visitors every day 2M requests 100% every week Uptime Localised for international use & deployment Customerfeedback Infinitelyscalable

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Team ITG

Simplify the complicated, automate the tedious and create the beautiful. Team ITG’s highly collaborative teams and innovation-led approach are transforming the way leading brands do marketing around the world. 



Want Gartner award winning technology? Get full control. Get the power of automation. Get your campaigns on every channel. Get our game-changing creative marketing operations platform.


Configteq empowers Jaguar Land Rover customers to build, personalise and order their ideal vehicle on any device. Designed specifically for the automotive sector, it’s driving exceptional results for one of the world’s most recognisable brands.

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