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Deployteq vs. Mailchimp

More than just email

Create omnichannel marketing campaigns and improve ROI without the fuss.

Deployteq is the innovative and user-friendly platform you need to quickly set up sophisticated, automated campaigns that are both personal and data-driven across a variety of channels.

Mailchimp offers a more basic solution offering email and SMS marketing only. Catering to small organisations with their free or near-free tooling. Great for start-ups looking to communicate on a low volume basis with a premium version for larger organisations. Mailchimp is an off-the-shelf product for those who are completely unfamiliar with the concept of email marketing and marketing automation.

Deployteq’s award-winning marketing automation software is particularly suited to an end-to-end customer journey. Allowing you to utilise many channels to build sophisticated campaigns.

Mailchimp Features Drag & drop Sophisticatedsegmentations In-house agency Mobile app marketing WhatsApp Business Email marketing deployteq

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The Deployteq Platform

  • Unique blend of software & support services
  • Optimisation & creation of complex omnichannel campaigns
  • Large range of channel’s & integrations: email, SMS, mobile app, landing pages, social media, print, call centre, RCS 
  • Simple and user-friendly software
  • GDPR-proof through strict restrictions on processing personal data
  • Drag & drop editor in content, segmentations and campaigns
  • Creative freedom and advanced segmentation and personalisation tools
  • Pay for what you use with volume based pricing
  • Native data platform: Deployteq Data

The Mailchimp Platform

  • Premium accounts with additional functionalities (such as A/B testing or automated segmentations)
  • Simple to use platform
  • 5 segmentation conditions with the free plan
  • GDPR-proof through strict restrictions on processing personal data
  • Low priced for small organisations
  • Contact based pricing
  • Organic social media scheduling tool

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